What STARSEEDS are saying...

"Michelle has been instrumental in my awakening as a Starseed.  Her love, grace and humility shines through every transmission, blog & recording. I’ve had so many powerful shifts throughout my body, mind & soul since working with her; tears of joy and love rolling down my face, my body jolting as blockages were released and upgrades & coding being seen & felt during or shortly after her transmissions. Michelle has made sense of why I was put on this Earth and what is my divine purpose. Everything Michelle does is authentic, divinely timed, honest, and powerfully transformative.  I 100% trust her with my heart and soul."

Melinda T (Gold Level Member)

“Home of Starseed has been so helpful to me on my spiritual journey. I have learned so much through the different programs made available through the membership; additionally, the transmissions are powerful and transformative. Michelle is an invaluable resource to the starseed and lightworker community and her passion for sharing her wisdom and gifts with us is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for everything! " 

Breanna L

“Working with Michelle is always a very positive and enlightening experience. Everytime I received a reading or went to one of her classes or workshops I always feel so loved, guided and put at ease. I'm not much of a hugger but when I do see Michelle I feel like I need to hug her. I still to this day listen to her grounding and connecting to guides meditations in the morning and it really sets me up for a great day." 

Adrienne H