"I channeled the information in this former course guide book back in 2020. It has changed the lives of many Starseeds. Now it's time for you to experience the awakening to your origins. Enjoy the beautiful journey!"

So much love and light,

Michelle Weir

Starseed Awakening Guide Book taken from the original Starseed Awakening course written by Michelle Weir in 2020. Videos for the Starseed Awakening course are available in the All Things Starseed™ Membership.

Included in this 26 page pdf guide book:

5 Steps for Starseeds to Ascension,

Grounding Technique & Practice,
12D Light Shield Technique & Practice,
Cord Cutting Technique & Practice,
3D & 5D Map of Consciousness,
Starseed Origins:  Arcturian, Sirian, Pleiadian, Mintakan (Orion), Blue Ray, Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow,
Starseed Archangel - Archangel Orion,
Lemurians & Mother Mary,
Galactic Council of Light.