• Michelle Weir

Worm Moon - March Full Moon

Do you feel the frequency of April coming in? April is going to be the rise of something new and incredible. Tomorrows Worm Moon is an important time to set your intensions and set aside time to visualize and feel into what your Soul wishes for you to create. What does your Heaven on Earth look like? Feel like? Smell like?

For some Starseeds, life has already sped up for others there has been a very long pause. You may have noticed a huge shift in the guidance that we receive from our Councils and Guides. The way we used to work is no more, the way we used to act is no more, the way we used to be is no more...

It's definitely not easy for the human mind to come to terms with this, but it's about unity. It's happening.

The Starseeds that have been coming in as of the last few years, are coming here with zero karma, full memories and find it effortless to maintain a 5D vibration. They are constantly plugged in. This will continue. More Starseeds are on their way.

Such a beautiful time of creation, Starseeds.

Love and light

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