• Michelle Weir

Woowah February

It's been a while since I've written a post. I myself had to take lots of time out. The karmic releases and shifts that are occurring right now are massive and they require lots of rest. If we don't allow for rest, the Universe will make sure to 'put us down'. Surrendering can at times be challenging, even though you think you've mastered it.

I see very clearly now exactly why the Rise Starseed! program was created. It's that necessary push to get us into March. Also the Snow Full Moon was a big blessing in all of this. March is all about life speeding up and moving forward with our journey. If we didn't do the necessary work in February, then we may not experience the full blessings of March. I do know that those of you reading this did go through the necessary work, so no need to panic.

Enjoy the fruits of March, as they will be amazing! We have so many wonderful events coming up. Checkout the Events page on Home of Starseeds for all the details.

So much love and light

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