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Unlimited Abundance - 11:11 Portal

Updated: Jan 1

November 11th 2020 is getting closer. The energies on this day are at an extreme high when it comes to abundance and creating all that your Soul desires.

The 11th dimensional portal is open to assist us with creating the Age of Light that all Starseeds have been waiting for since the fall of Atlantis. Abundance is our birth right. The Earth experiment was created with intensions for experiencing unconditional love, abundance, joy, peace and bliss.

My Star Councils have let me know that this portal is open for 11 days, the 11th being the peek. It is so important to make some time for yourself during this period to focus in on what your Age of Light looks like.

The dark forces are still attempting to drag us down. For example: the American Elections happening during this portal opening. Causing many around the world to heighten in fear, anxieties, worries, etc. This will only manifest more negativity for them and this is what the dark forces want. However, high vibrational Starseeds hold a greater weight and can pull up millions of the population by focusing on the positive and creating from love and light.

Be aware what's yours and what's not. Starseeds are feeling the emotions of the global collective right now. Know that these emotions are not yours. Do not accept them as yours. Your Soul knows that there is nothing to worry about and that everything is going according to Divine Plan. Rest assured that the Age of Light is still guaranteed.

For this special occasion, I have created a beautiful meditation now available on Insight Timer and I also have an online event happening November 14th 2020 (links are below). Do take advantage of this beautiful opportunity. Know that you are safe and everything is just right.

Many blessings.

Starseed supportive meditations on Insight Timer.


Abundance 7D Manifestation Live Event - Nov.14th


Age of Light Live Event - Dec.12th


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