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The Crossroads & Triggers - 3D & 5D

Updated: Jan 1

This past November 11th (2020) was a very important day for all humanity. Not only because of the 11:11 portal, but because it was decision day. Will it be 3D or 5D?

5D is guaranteed from those who really want it and are maintaining a high enough frequency to stay on the 5D timeline. It is a beautiful timeline. I got to see it on November 11th. It's a path full of love and light, which 3D finds uncomfortable and triggering. Fear and worry are no more. Just peace, joy, bliss, unconditional love and so much beauty. We finally are our 100% authentic selves. We can utilizes our abilities fully and have unlocked all past memories.

The 3D timeline will continue for those who still need its lessons. It's a nasty timeline, even worse than it is now. Remember that we must let go of those who choose this timeline in order for us to be able to stay on the 5D path. Free will is at play and we must respect that.

Those in the 3D reality are being triggered like never before by those in a 5D consciousness. I have seen it. It is beautiful if utilized well. The healing from that trigger can be magnificent. There are many still hanging onto the past. Yes, much of humanity went through huge struggles and brutal treatments in history. Hanging onto this and dwelling on it, will only create more resentment, hate and fear. By allowing for this resentment, hate and fear, we are putting ourselves at the same level as those who have caused the pain and torment. In order to heal, we must let go. Easier said than done, yes, but we must dig deep within ourselves to heal. Pointing fingers is not the answer. You are the answer.

Take advantage of this beautiful time of integration. The next major portal comes on 12.12.20. If you're committed to this path, than it's time to get serious about what you're here to do.

Many blessings.

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