• Michelle Weir

Starseed Transmission - December 12th 2020

Updated: Jan 1

There was this intense push, just the other day, from my Guides and all Star Councils to organize a Starseed Transmission Live Event on December 12th 2020. So I did. I had no idea why it had to be December 12th.

Today it became very clear to me that on December 12th 2020, Starseeds around the world will gather to do a global meditation to shift the consciousness of humanity and flood the planet with so much love.

Every high vibrational Starseed, from Love and above on the 'Map of Consciousness' scale, holds the weight equivalent to approx. 5-20 million human beings. Now, what I mean by 'holds the weight' is for example their vote counts for 5-20 million. Whereas the very low vibrational being holds only one.

During this powerful Age of Light Transmission, we will be able to flood this planet with so much light. Don't miss the most incredible transmission of 2020. See you there!

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/age-of-light-starseed-transmission-tickets-127319332551?aff=ebdssbonlinesearch

Many blessings.

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