• Michelle Weir

Starseed Markings on the Physical Body - Constellations

Updated: Jan 1

You know those brown spots that we have on our bodies? The ones that come in many different shapes and sizes? Some of these spots appear over time. Mine did.

Over a decade ago, I was told by a dermatologist to have the ones on my neck checked out because they may be of concern. Deep down inside I wasn't worried, so I didn't do anything about it. Many years later I understood why.

While having having a conversation with a former student, I noticed that they kept looking at my neck. Finally, they told me that the spots on my neck look a lot like Orions Belt. I started to do some searching online. A word of mindfulness...use your intuition when search anything online. There is a wild amount of false information.

A year after that discovery, the memories from my time in Mintaka started to flood back. It all started to make so much sense. We are born with our Starseed history on our vessels, they just may not all appear at the same time. As we unlock more memories, more markings will reveal themselves. What is your vessel revealing to you?

Many Blessings.

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