• Michelle Weir

Starseed Entrepreneur

It's time for Starseeds to rise into their roles. Many Starseeds are feeling the urge to become entrepreneurs. Now is the most beautiful time to do this. Whether you are already running a business or just beginning, it doesn't matter.

I had to take apart my business many times before it was completely aligned with the frequency of 5D. Now it's just maintaining this beautiful frequency.

3D was all about the competition, advertising, dog-eat-dog, hate, resentment, jealousy, selling people what they don't need - pressure sales, cold calling, money over everything, etc. Honestly, listing all those things makes me nauseous lol.

As many of you know, here at Home of Starseeds I create content for the current needs of our Starseed community. So this just in, we have a NEW offering. Starseed Entrepreneur is an hour long session available for Starseeds who feel the push to do their own thing or to revamp what they have already created.

Starseeds are the leaders in this continued Ascension process. Don't be afraid to step up and lead by example. We need you!

So much love and light

Starseed Entrepreneur Sessions


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