• Michelle Weir

Starseed, do you remember?

You may have felt a shift in frequency in the last few days. The crystals below the surface, from times of Atlantis, are being activated. Starseed memories are starting to flow back and will continue to do so.

Do you remember how we used to activate and program crystals in Lemuria and Atlantis? I remember activating and programming these beautiful crystals back in Lemuria, with the intension of activating the memories of Starseeds currently on this planet. This is just like my Lemurian High Priestess transmission, found in the Membership library. I've always been drawn to gold, violet, pink, aqua, turquoise (mermaid tail) colours.

Do you remember how we used to live? In peace and harmony with only unconditional love in our hearts. In a completely different frequency. Do you remember?

We had technology that hasn't resurfaced yet. Manifestation was a piece of cake. It's all coming back.

Do you remember?

It's time to remember.

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