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Sirian Council - Energy Update

Updated: 5 days ago

If you think that this image is just another cool thing in the sky....sure, but have you ever thought whom this is coming from?

The Sirian Council came to me yesterday with lots of exciting information. First, they would like to congratulate the Awaken Starseeds completing an important phase in their mission here on Earth.

We are in extreme acceleration to elevate from now until August 31st 2020. Of course, this is only for those who choose it. For the most advanced Starseeds who have been 1000% committed to their journey and maintaining their 5D vibration, your 4,5 & 6 DNA Strands are going to begin reconnecting. We need you in a 5D body by September 1st 2020.

A 5D body will allow you to maintain, uphold, and elevate your vibration safely without being drained by the 3D Matrix and those who are a part of it. The 5D body has the capacity to hold a 5D vibration.

A 3D body tends to reject 5D because it doesn't understand what to do with it, making it a lot of work to maintain your 5D vibration. You may have noticed the amount of protecting and cleansing you need to do on a daily basis in order to maintain your current high vibrational state.

During this incredible period of grand transformation, remember to allow space for plenty of rest. Every Starseed will feel the effects of this change very differently. Take it easy on yourself and release all judgment.

Thank you for all the work you continue to do in order to assist yourself and humanity in this grand Ascension to 5D New Earth. We are about to witness a major shift in the collective. This is all thanks to you, Sweetest Starseeds. With so much love and kindness.

Many Blessings.

Starseed supportive meditations on our Insight Timer page and more will be posted.


Photo Credit: Stephen Hummel

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