• Michelle Weir

Self Worth for Starseeds

Even though March is about life speeding up, it still asks us to reflect. Self worth has been coming up a lot. Taking inventory of our thoughts, actions and words regarding our value. How do we show up in the world? What do we say about ourselves to others? Are we dimming our light just to fit into a mold that was never meant for us? What are we saying to ourselves?

Starseeds have gone through much trauma especially when it comes to self worth. It's time to reveal and accept who we are on a Soul level.

Own your power! It's okay and necessary to say no to other peoples false beliefs about you. It's okay and necessary to stand up for yourself, for who you are. It's okay and necessary to set loving boundaries.

Starseed, your mission is not about pleasing others or fitting in. It's about uplifting humanity by being you! So before we do that, we must do a deep dive to who we truly are. Discover the beauty within, it's never too late.

Own it!!!

So much love and light

Listen to All Things Starseed Podcast Ep5 Self Worth for Starseeds

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