• Michelle Weir

Schumann Resonance - Energy Update

Updated: May 1

On April 17th I felt a massive shift that took me to immediately rest, bringing myself to a complete stop. This is the second time that I've experienced frequency this powerful since we've entered the Age of Light.

On April 17th & April 18th the Schumann Resonance was through the roof. We talking about spikes upwards of 1500 Hz. The normal range is 100Hz. The frequency that Earth is being hit with is beyond anything we have experienced ever before. We are being massively upgraded right now. Our entire molecular structure is being taken apart and rebuild in order for our bodies to become crystalline 5D vessels.

The Advanced Starseeds, like myself, are the ones anchoring in this frequency, which is why we need to rest. I know that rest is much needed when my Guides and Councils completely clear my schedule and my body is literally being dragged to lay down. When we are being upgraded massively, the frequency is flowing through our Being at rapid speed, which means that our physical body needs to slow right down immediately. Once we anchor this frequency into the Earth only then can the lower vibrating 3D Beings do their upgrade safely with very little to no impact.

The Advanced Starseeds on this planet are truly amazing Beings. We do so much for the collective. It's time we notice this and give ourselves the praise that we deserve. Well done, dear Starseeds!

Love and light

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