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Reward for a job well done, Starseed

Updated: Jan 1

My Dearest Starseeds,

Starseeds of the world have been through so much, especially the awaken ones. Starseeds by nature are also very empathic. We tend to really take matters into the heart space. With everything going on in the world, it may have been a challenging time for awaken Starseeds. Our hearts have been aching and we may have felt the burdens of the collective.

Our Galactic (Star) Councils of Light want us to know that they SEE the work we are doing and they know how difficult it has been at times. They want you to know that they are so proud of you! Job well done, Starseed!

Our reward for all of this has already been activated. The Advanced Awaken Starseeds are receiving a massive upgrade to the heart chakra. This will allow us to take things much more lightly. Being able to finally feel more at ease. Not having to carry the burdens and pain of the collective. When we hear about difficult matters that once effected us deeply, we may notice that they don't have as much effect on us anymore. You will notice over time that things will get a lot easier.

In order to support this upgrade, you may feel the need to rest lots and practice deep heart chakra meditations. You have been doing fabulous work and you should be so proud of yourself. Keep on going, we are almost there.

Many Blessings

Starseed supportive meditations on Insight Timer.


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