• Michelle Weir

October Energy Update - Advanced Starseeds

Updated: Jan 1

September wasn't the easiest month for most of us. It may have felt energetically draining and just unpleasant. Many of us may have felt physically ill. It was the month of intense purge, download and integration.

The first few days of October, everything started to feel much lighter. We have definitely moved onto the next important step in our Ascension process. Things are looking up!

From now until the end of this year, you will receive the opportunity to practice what you've learned so far. You will be shown your true strength and potential. Many of us still have no clue how magical we truly are and what we are cable of. There is much more awakening to happen within us.

3D programming is dissolving more and more. The more we work on this within us, the quicker the Ascension of the collective will happen. Try to avoid focusing on the when and how, instead focus on the present moment within yourself - what is left to do.

Really take advantage of this beautiful October energy and do not be afraid to step out into the light and move forward without fear.

New meditations on our Insight Timer are being released in order to support this current time in our Ascension process. The content is becoming stronger and stronger, which is what we Starseeds need right now. www.insighttimer.com/thebodhisattva

Keep facing your true North, regardless of what distractions are going on outside of you.

Many blessings.

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