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Major integration - Starseeds asked to rest - December 2020

Updated: Jan 1

December is a major time of integration. We are being asked to rest as much as possible. Many Starseeds, including myself, have been feeling exhausted, sleeping long hours and still feeling extremely drained. Our Councils want us doing nothing at this time. If we are doing things that aren't necessary right now, we will feel three times, or more, tired than usual.

Little Starseeds, approx until the age of 7, may not be feeling these effects at all. Instead they may be feeling large amounts of frustration due to the fact that their Starseed parents need to rest more and play less. This can be a very tricky balance, especially for the single parents.

Why this integration and why now?

Well we are approaching the Age of Light, December 21st 2020. We need to be prepared in order to stand on 5D New Earth. This preparation includes: releasing all old programming, purging 3D emotions (fear, anger, worry, doubt), clearing the ancestral blood lines, cutting all attachments, calling back all your natural light, major DNA upgrades, etc. We are preparing to have all 12 DNA strands reattached again. A small number of us have half or more already in place.

Many Starseeds have a hard time sitting still, but now is not the time to act on anything. Doing as little as possible, not allowing yourself to get sucked into the 3D illusions. The global collective is in a very fear based lack vibration right now. Most Starseeds can feel this at an extreme high. In meditation, recognizing what's yours and what's not.

Rest up, Starseed.

Many blessings.

Join me for a pre-Age of Light transmission during the 12:12 Gateway.

Age of Light 12:12 Starseed Transmission LIVE Online Event - Dec.12th 2020


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