• Michelle Weir

Major DNA Upgrades & Great Awakening

Updated: Jan 5

We are being upgraded now like never before. Sirius energy is present on Mother Gaia right now causing some major awakening to happen. This loving energy is so needed during this time. Since mid-March of this year, most of humanity has gone down severely in vibration. They have accepted a reality of anxiety and fear. There is always hope for those wanting to change their reality. This wave of Sirian energy is here to boost us.

If you are a Sirian Starseed, you may be having a different experience right now, one of light and love. Tap into this loving source. Now is a fantastic time to tap into Higher Dimensional portals to bring through much needed magic and healing. Practice your craft with love and kindness to assist yourself and the rest of humanity during this beautiful process.

If you've been feeling sleepy, nauseous, achy - headaches...these are very common ascension symptoms Starseeds may be experiencing right now. Part of the ascension process is to allow yourself the necessary self-care. If you're not feeling well right now, make sure to take time out. There is a reason why many of us have our schedules cleared out right now. It's time to allow the upgrades to integrate.

Do whatever you need to do to keep focus on the 5D Timeline. Focus only on love, light, peace, joy and abundance. Adjust your environment to reflect where you want to go on this journey. Visualize like never before...only what makes you feel blissful. You always have the guidance you need...all you have to do is ask.

Many blessings

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