• Michelle Weir

Lion's Gate Portal 8.8.2020

Updated: Jan 1

Beloved Starseeds!!

What a magical time! Especially for Starseeds. Now is the time to step up into your power and really hold the vision of the highest possible Timeline for you!

We will get the most out of this magical portal this year. With everything in beautiful Divine alignment, Starseeds are ready like never before for this magical blessing.

8.8.2020 is the peak of this energy, the magic is at an all-time high. It is time to focus on you and your Ascension. Meditate, journal, whatever it is you do to centre yourself into complete alignment.

Our Galactic Councils want us to know that we are at a point of 'No more non-sense'. Done with the bullshit! It is time to stand your ground and to deny access to negative influences so that they don't have anymore affect on you and your work. Tap into the power of the Sirian Lion Beings. They are guided to assist us always, but especially during this time.

Some of us may have been feeling the Pyramids of Giza energy heightening. These pyramids hold very powerful magic that not everyone can access. To access this magic, it is a requirement to be pure of heart. If you feel this is you, ask your Sirian Lion guide for access to this special magic and ask for guidance to utilize this magic the way it was meant to.

Our Sirian Lion Transmission 8.8 is now on Insight Timer. Visit the 'Meditations' tab on our website.

Many Blessings

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