• Michelle Weir

Incredible Shifts - Starseeds have been waiting for this

In the last few days there has been a massive shift in all Starseeds and what surrounds us. We are being brought so much closer to our authentic nature. Twin Flame Unions are coming together, our lives are massively shifting. Lots of uncoupling, old friends falling away.

Many Starseeds are planning or are in the middle of massive physical moves. To different cities, provinces, and even countries. This is so wonderful! We are being called to places that we once called home because its time to take our place in this Ascension. Stand firmly on new 5D ground. No 3D Matrix frequency can sway you off your path. You know you got this. You are unstoppable.

The beauty in all of this is that we are finally starting to remember how it used to be, who we used to be and with whom we used to be (Soul Family). We know this earth better than we think. We used to work with it and with all of its Beings. Feeling and being one with every grain of sand, every mountain, body of water. Knowing how to work with the flow and not against it.

There is a big re-learning process. The easiest way to go through it is to surrender to the process. Trust in the timing and in your process. Releasing all discomfort with a single breathe.

Regardless of what the 3D "reality" looks like. You know the truth. You know why you're here and what to do next. Just tune in, listen and proceed one step at a time. Time is not running out.

Love and light

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