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Incredible DNA Upgrades - Stargate Portal

Updated: Jan 5

I'm someone who can have a great uninterrupted sleep no problem. However tonight, instead of falling asleep, I'm receiving an intense amount of channeled downloads.

First thing that is coming through...the great amount of human beings, including Starseeds, that are experiencing Ascension symptoms. I've gotten word from our Pleiadian Councils that this is not only due to the rapid releasing that is occurring before the December 21st 2020, but it is a massive DNA upgrade. In order for the human vessel to be able to exist in 5D, the vessel itself needs to be upgraded and elevated. This elevation is not only through physical care, but also through DNA upgrades.

Just like the modern day computer, smart phone, and app needs an update/upgrade from time to time in order to remain current - same goes for the human vessel.

Rest is essential to properly integrate. Allowing for integration will help to ease any symptoms. I'm being told that nausea before bedtime is one of the most common DNA upgrade symptoms. It is a more mild of the symptoms.

The Stargate Portal officially opens on December 21st 2020 at 11:11 (AM/PM and timezone isn't clear at the moment), so the fact that we are being upgraded so intensely is really no surprise.

Massive awakenings are taking place globally due to the events happening on this planet, within the 3D Matrix. This is a great thing. Remember that things aren't always how they seem. There is much happening behind the scenes that we are unaware of - for good reason. Everything is going according to plan. Rest assured, dearest Starseed, that the Light has already won!

Many blessings.

Join me for the biggest event of 2020.

Age of Light - Starseed Transmission LIVE Event - Dec.12th 2020


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