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How do you know if you're a Starseed? Common traits

Updated: Jan 1

Well, if you weren't a Starseed, you wouldn't be reading this. You would be looking at the information on this site, thinking that it's all non-sense and insanity.

Some of the most common traits among all Starseeds (you do not have to have all of the following traits in order to be a Starseed):

  • Interested in the spiritual, paranormal, metaphysical, crystals, spiritual tools, etc.

  • Black sheep of the family

  • Misunderstood, blamed for things they didn't do, picked on

  • Have trouble fitting in social circles and experience lots of rejection - due to this, Starseeds at a young age start feeling like something is wrong with them

  • Irritants/triggers to those of a lower frequency

  • Highly sensitive, empathic

  • Can pick up on what others are thinking - have strong psychic abilities

  • Feel like they are not of this world

  • Drawn to the night sky

  • Feel like they are here for a very important purpose

  • They want to make a positive impact on humanity

  • Feel an excitement about the dawn of a New Age (Age of Light)

When you start to discover your Starseed origins, your life starts to make sense. You understand why you are the way you are. Your authentic self starts to finally shine and you firmly step into your role as a powerful Starseed.

To learn more about your origins, check out these amazing online Starseed Courses.


Many blessings.

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