• Michelle Weir

Hadarian Starseed Love

Hadar the utopia of love. These Starseeds love hard. They always see the best in others and because of this they tend to have a difficult time with codependency and setting boundaries. Does this resonate?

Have you been longing for that deep love in return?

In order to receive the deep love that we are used to, we must first realize that we have this inside of us. Our love for ourselves is what we need. Seeking what we need outside of us, only results in disappointment. We may have forgotten who we are and what we are capable of.

All Starseeds have the ability and opportunity to heal. Now is a great time of healing on this planet. The love of Hadarian Starseeds is exactly what this world needs right now. Never give up on that deep Starseed knowing that there is this miraculous unconditional healing love inside of you and that there is another who is also capable of returning that to you. You need to do this for yourself first.

So much love and light

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