• Michelle Weir

Goddess Isis - Magic & Wisdom

Updated: Jan 1

Recently I was visited by Isis. She told me to call upon her when accessing my magic and when dealing with unwanted energies. Lightworkers may have noticed moments of attacks from lower frequencies. The more you strengthen your field and boost your confidence, they will have zero access to you.

It is time to wake up to the truth and magic that we hold within. Many Starseed souls are millions of years old. There is a lot of magic and wisdom that is stored within a very old soul. We've collected so much data during our souls existence, especially during the in-betweens of incarnations.

Some of us may be struggling to believe that we have strong magic and wisdom within us. We may have listened to others throughout our lives, listened to all the untruths that they said about us, all the damaging actions, words and thoughts towards us.

When in doubt, call in Goddess Isis to help you unfold the truth and magic that has been in you all this time. Ask her to help you release all trauma. Ask her to protect you with her wings, to hold you when you feel fear and uncertainty. She will uplift you and give you the courage to be YOU.

So much love to you, dear one.

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