• Michelle Weir

Energy Update & Message for Starseeds

Updated: Jan 1

There has been a massive energetic shift in the last few days. The collective has to make a choice whether to stay on the timeline of complete destruction or to elevate by choosing the highest timeline available.

The beloved Starseeds of this planet are the ones that can maintain the vision of a 5D New Earth and create even higher timelines. By believing and imagining this blissful 5D New Earth - we create a new timeline. You have the power to hold the vision.

Now is the perfect time for us Starseeds to really look at how we are living our day-to-day lives. Are we waking up every morning and consciously connecting to the Divine and grounding into Mother Gaia? Grounding is more then just roots below. It's also about connecting above, pillar of white light from the crown, and connecting to Mother Gaia's electromagnetic field below.

Are we inviting in our Team of Highest Light to assist us and work on our behalf? Are we protecting ourselves from outside influences, psychic attacks, attachments and other unwanted sources?

What are we buying into? Does it align with who we truly are on a Soul level? If not, then why are we still allowing? Are we choosing fear and anxiety over love and light?

A Lightworker takes complete responsibility for themselves and is diligently working on their Ascension process, which then helps elevate the collective.

We are all here for a very special purpose. It's important that we play out our part, no matter what that is. We all have a place here and it's okay to say "No" to the things that were once a "Yes."

Choose with love and not fear.

Many Blessings

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