• Michelle Weir

Energy Update & Message for Mothers

Updated: Jan 1

As of recent, there has been an energy shift that has been bringing up lots of old trauma, anger, hurt, resentment and is even possibly having Mothers question their parenting methods.

Where I live, this energy is very apparent in the collective. I've also been feeling it and seeing it play out in my daughter. We are purging!

When you look at everything from a 5D perspective, everything is playing out beautifully. Everyone is playing their part exactly the way they signed up to do. However, there are many different perspectives. The 3D perspective is one of doom and gloom. 3D has huge limitations and can only see within the box. You know that your consciousness is in 5D when you are able to truly see everyones perspective, even if you don't agree with them.

This past weekend, my daughter and I went to the playground. The energy there was not friendly. It was one of ego and judgment. I could feel all eyes on me. In this moment, I tuned into myself to see what is going on. I was checking to see if this was just my own insecurities coming up or if I'm clearly picking up everyones vibration and thoughts.

If you're a High Vibrational Being, know that we are rarely embraced by lower vibrations. This is okay. Always tune into yourself to see if it's you or if you are just picking up what others are putting out.

We are in times of massive change right now. The most important thing is to focus on our own Ascension and keep facing our true North, regardless of what distractions are out there.

Many Blessings

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