• Michelle Weir

Creating Wealth & Abundance from the Heart space - Starseed Energy Update

Updated: Jan 1

Dearest Starseeds,

You may have felt a tremendous shift in the energy as of recent. So many are feeling it in the physical body (feeling ill), others may be experiencing past emotions resurfacing, fear & anxiety coming up etc. All these are valid, but not all are yours. Many Starseeds are feeling the fear & anxieties of the collective at a new high. There is much choas going on out there. I've observed it with my own eyes today. Watching a man almost jump off a bridge and a woman trying to stop him. This is a grand example of an extreme heart opening. Feeling compassion for another. Bottom line, Starseeds are being trigged by those who aren't awake and may not wake up in this lifetime.

Everything we have been programmed to believe - the 3D systems, especially the false money systems, banking. It's time to move money, wealth & abundance from the head to the heart space. Asking our Guides and Councils everyday, how can I create abundance in my life today. Waiting for a response in the form of channeling, an idea, something we hear from someone, something we read, watch etc. Creating from the heart space is how we create ultimate wealth & abundance. This is the 5D way. The 3D way is no longer available and will only fail if attempted to be used.

Take time to yourself to reflect and connect with your Higher-Self. Meditate, journal, connect with nature, whatever gets you grounded and centred. Mindlessly doing is not the path. We can create what we want very easily by just tuning inwards.

Many Blessings.

Starseed supportive meditations on Insight Timer.


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