• Michelle Weir

Blueprinter Starseeds - The Earth Experiment

Updated: Mar 4

My Star Councils have been really pushing for me to create a Blueprinter Starseed online course (no longer available as of March 1st 2021). Reason behind this, is because it's important for a Starseed to understand the roll of a Blueprinter, whether they are one or not, in order to understand the original plan of the Earth Experiment and our purpose here.

The Blueprinter Starseeds consist of:

Blueprint Originators

Blueprint Designers

Blueprint Technicians

Blueprint Deliverers

Blueprint Changers

A Blueprinters grand mission here is to restore the original blueprint. We tend to get really frustrated when we see the Earth plan going sideways and it has been for a long time. Blueprinter Originators tend to not incarnate into human form, unless they have had enough with what is happening on Earth. Some Originators have decided to incarnate due to the extremes on this planet. They are along side of us assisting our Ascension process.

Let's keep the focus on raising our vibration and doing our necessary work. Job well done!

Many blessings

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