• Michelle Weir

Awakening to Love and Light

Updated: Jan 1

You may have noticed, felt, some shifts in energy recently. The weather, where I am, has been wild. Powerful storms and winds. This is all a reflection of what's going on in the collective right now.

Those who are high vibrational, 5D consciousness, are feeling pretty good right now. We are seeing the beauty come up in everything we experience. We have the ability to see all perspectives and be compassionate towards those still experiencing 3D consciousness. A massive percentage of the collective is living in fear and anxiety right now. Their 3D experiences may include great tragedies.

This past weekend I experienced a beautiful wave of unconditional love that is still very present in my reality. Right now, our Guides and Teams of Light are assisting us by sending us these beautiful download of love and joy. Know that you may ask your Team of Light for these downloads at anytime.

I call upon my Highest Team of Light to send me downloads of unconditional love and joy. To cleanse my auric field right now and to fill my entire being with unconditional love, light, peace and joy.

Thank you (x3) So be it (x3) and so it is!

Enjoy these times that we came here to experience. Utilizes the time and space that you have cultivated. Create your own 5D experience. You are powerful and you are Divine.

Many blessings

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