• Michelle Weir

Ascension Process Update

My beautiful Starseeds!

You may have noticed a slow down in the Ascension process. This doesn't mean that you guys aren't busy or things aren't happening in your realities. This has to do with the Ascension to full 5D.

This slow down has occurred due to the...let's call it the Dark Agenda. They are taking their Final stand and still kicking and screaming because they know that their time is up. Nothing to fear, dear ones. The Light has truly won and this has been known for some time. Our planet is surrounded with Light Ships. We are safe. Key thing is to focus on your own Ascension and through doing so you assist to collective in the process as well.

Know that those whom have decided not to awaken and move forward with this process will have to leave this planet and continue their self-work on another 3D planet, where they will be incapable of harming others in their process of purging.

You may have felt and seen the effects of the timeline split. Where it's very clear that the Beings in 3D do not speak the same language as those ascending.

The Dark Agenda is still pumping fear into the masses. Stay centred, dear one. Do not allow the media, governments, society corruption to impact your frequency. Move your focus from fear to love. From lack to plenty. I promise you that the abundance we've been promised is coming. It has been delayed due to the Last stand. It's necessary to have everything in place before the QFS (Quantium Financial System) can full come into play.

Before everything comes together, we are being trained how to live, exist on the 5D plain. We need these lessons now in order to make a smooth transition when ready. Not everyone will step into the full 5D at the same time. It's up to you when and if you decided to come on board.

These are very exciting times. Keep doing your work, dear Starseed. We are closer than you think.

Love and light

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