• Michelle Weir

Andromeda is calling all Starseeds - The Great Awakening

I've personally been feeling the tap of the Andromedan frequency on my shoulders. The Andromeda galaxy is the largest galaxy closest to Earth. So much Starseed wisdom comes from there and my Councils are really making me feel that a lot of Andromedan Starseeds will awaken this year.

Andromedan Starseeds go to great lengths to maintain freedom and they are pros at smelling emotional manipulation from miles away. These beings are masters of social evolution and revolution. Makes sense that many of them will awaken this year. We need them to assist in this beautiful Age of Light creation. They are the final piece to our Ascension puzzle.

If you know that you are an Andromedan Starseed, this message is for you...

You may have felt small in the past, but know that you are made up of pure stardust greatness and you are truly needed during this time on this planet. Your deep wisdom is what is going to make us fully achieve a balanced 5D frequency on Earth. You are such a bright light!

We have such an exciting journey ahead!! Can you feel it?!

Andromedan Starseeds will be one of the hot topics of the highly anticipated Starseed MasterClass by Home of Starseeds to hit this spring 2021. Subscribe to our Starseed community to get notified when tickets go on sale.

Many blessings

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