• Michelle Weir

Age of Light - December 21st 2020

Updated: Jan 1

Many Starseeds are feeling that all this 3D drama is coming to an end. Well it is, but like every shift we've experienced, it comes with a gradual transition.

I've been told by my Guides and Councils that December 21st 2020 brings an energy that melts away the negative forces on our beloved Gaia.

Here's our prediction:

'Powerful' people in this world, 'World Leaders', I'm talking about the ones with negative agendas, will begin to get a taste of their own medicine. Before this year is over, we will start to see some major arrests starting to happen. This will continue in 2021, until the clean up is complete. These events will be shocking to the followers of the 3D Matrix and possibly even shocking to us.

At the beginning of 2020, my Guides and Councils told me that this will be the year of exposure. It sure has been. Validating so much for us awakened Starseeds.

For many of us the excitement is building up! We will finally be able to reunite with our Inner Earth families and our Galactic families. It is happening! The Age of Light is guaranteed.

Keep doing the beautiful work that you've been doing for quite some time now, Starseed. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for your commitment to this journey during this beautiful time that we are FINALLY in. It's about time!!

Many blessings.

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