• Michelle Weir

40Hz - 5D Gamma Wave - Energy Update

Updated: Jan 1

Mother Gaia is currently being hit with 40Hz of 5D Gamma Light, also known as the Galactic Rays.

This is fabulous news! This 5D Gamma Light upgrades DNA faster than anything else. It is eliminating lower frequencies as I type this.

Starseeds on the planet are experiencing Ascension symptoms in many different forms. Intense fatigue, nausea, back pain, body aches and discomfort, headaches, dizziness, all emotions, old memories resurfacing.

We are being prepared for the reconnection of our 12 strands of DNA - the ULTIMATE reconnection! This is something that I have been waiting for ever since they were unplugged by negative forces approx. 350,000 years ago.

When these strands are fully connected back to their proper ports, it activates the MAGIC - advanced cosmic data and akashic light starts following through the strands and our entire being. It allows for the return of a complete knowing of who you truly are and what you are capable of.

What is a Starseed to do...

Listen to 40Hz-100Hz music approx. 10-20mins a day,

Sea salt baths,

Eliminating all 3D influences (tv, radio, social media, viewing the world negatively, etc.)

Purifying the body by eating only High Vibrational foods,

Choosing Love and Light over fear and anxiety (YES, you do have a choice. Saying you don't have a choice is choosing to remain in 3D victim mentality),

Participating only in 5D activities.

Spiritual Awakening Coaching sessions are exactly for this! To help you along your Ascension Path and helping you discover a blissful life. *see 'Sessions & Courses' page to book you session*

Many Blessings

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