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Clearing Money Lines - Root of Struggles program starts July 29th

All Things Starseed™ Memberships: Now offering different membership levels.


We are Ascension focused!!!

All Things Starseed™  Membership is to support you on your Ascension journey in this New Age of Light. The content here is always being updated and added to in order to meet the Starseed/Lightworker collective needs. All information Michelle puts out is completely channeled in the moment. Part of Michelle's mission is to assist those who have awaken and are doing the necessary work to Ascend. This is to help you remember who you are and what you're capable of. Helping you to re-learn how to use your magic in this time on Earth. To reunite with your Soul Family and Twin Unions, as promised back in Lemuria. All of the content contains activations and triggers to help you release and remember. None of it is ever scripted, so you never know what you're going to get. 


All Things Starseed™ Membership Levels:


Gold Membership: Is the full access.

Included with Gold (full) Membership you will have unlimited access to stream exclusive content:

  • Exclusive Programs:

  • Clearing Money Lines - Root of Struggles - coming late July

  • Healing Triggers starts July 1st

  • Coming Home 4 Day Program

  • Starseed Remembering 3 Day Program

  • Rise Starseed! Elevate Your Vibration in 8 Days Program

  • Starseed Origin Series

  • All Things Starseed™ Podcast (exclusive ep. 1-10)

  • A growing library of powerful transmissions, activations & Ascension teaching audio/video


Just Programs Membership: This level is for those Starseeds wanting access to just the exclusive programs offered at Home of Starseeds.

Just Meditations Membership: This level is for those only interested in the meditations and transmissions. This does not include the meditations and transmissions from the exclusive programs.

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