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All Things Starseed Membership:

All Things Starseed  Membership is to support you on your Starseed journey in this New Age of Light. The content here is always being updated and added to in order to meet the Starseed collective needs. All information Michelle puts out is completely channeled in the moment. Part of Michelle's mission is to assist those who have awaken and are doing the work. It's to help you remember who you are and what you're capable of. Helping you to re-learn how to use your magic in this time on Earth. To reunite with your Soul Family and Twin Unions, as promised back in Lemuria. All of the content contains activations and triggers to help you release and remember. None of it is ever scripted, so you never know what you're going to get. 

Starseed Forum:

All members will gain access to an exclusive Starseed Forum. This is a members-only safe space community chat. Here you may open up about anything Starseed, spiritual journey related. I will also jump in from time to time to answer your questions. All Starseed updates and announcements are posted in the Starseed Forum.

Note: May take up to 24hrs to gain full forum access once subscribed.

All Things Starseed Meetups: 

These meetups may not be monthly, but rather whenever Councils and Guides call for one. They are meant to support Starseeds during these times of great transitions.

How this will work: Meetups will be held on Zoom. The link to RSVP will be posted in the Starseed Forum. We will give as much notice as possible prior to each meetup. All updates and announcements are posted in the Starseed Forum. 

Starseed Remembering 3 Day Program:

There are major activations happening on our beautiful planet right now. This includes the awakening of the Divine Masculine. Also part of this beautiful shift is the return of our memories, which may not look like what we image. For some it may start coming back slowly in the dream state, for others in meditation or even in day dream state.

Back in Lemuria, part of my job as a High Priestess was to activate our Lemurian crystals with powerful magic to unlock our memories when the time was right. Many of these crystal have already found you, you may just not know it yet. During this most powerful 3 Days, I invite you to hold close your favourite of crystals. We will be using these Earth given tools to activate your memories.

This program is different then Rise Starseed! in the way that you do not need to dedicate a whole day. All you need to do is watch the audio/video and listen to your intuition and body for that day.

This is a process of great surrendering. Vulnerability is were it all begins.

Included with Membership each month you will have unlimited access to stream exclusive content:

  • Starseed Remembering 3 Day Program

  • Rise Starseed! Elevate Your Vibration in 8 Days Program

  • All Things Starseed Podcast

  • A growing library of powerful meditations, transmissions, activations & powerful teaching audio/video

  • Access to the Starseed Forum

  • FREE admission to All Things Starseed Meetups (registration for each Meetup is required)


Terms & Conditions:

All content belongs to Home of Starseeds© & All Things Starseeds © All content in the All Things Starseed Membership library cannot be copied or shared without Home of Starseeds permission. All active members receive access to the Starseed Forum, which is to be kept as a safe space, judgement free, for all. There is zero tolerance for bullying, positing inappropriate content, deemed by Home of Starseeds, racism or any sort. Home of Starseeds has the right to terminate, without notice or refund, any account not abiding by these terms and conditions. If you choose to cancel: Canceling your membership terminates all access immediately without refund for any remaining days. By purchasing this subscription, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions.


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