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All Things Starseed™  Membership is to support you on your Ascension journey in this New Golden Age. The content here is always being updated and added to in order to meet the Starseed/Lightworker collective needs. All information Elda puts out is completely channeled. Part of Elda's mission is to teach Mastery to those who are woke and doing the necessary work to Ascend. This is to help you remember who you are and what you're capable of. Helping you to re-learn how to use your magic in this time on Earth. To reunite with your Soul Family and Twin Unions, as promised back in Lemuria. All of the content contains activations and triggers to help you release and remember. This content is for those who are serious about Ascending and assist in the Ascension of the collective and Gaia.

"Fastest way to 5D is through Mastery."
Elda xoxo

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