love, light



Dearest Starseed & Lightworker,

This is THE MASTERCLASS of the Ascension!

This masterpiece has been in the works for lifetimes! There is a lot of channeled information that I was asked not to broadcast to the world because most are not ready for this information, but some are.
As of recent, I received permission to reveal this information in this Masterclass. The Beings that I have been working with on this project told me that those who enroll in this class are the ones that are ready to hear this information and use it for the highest good of all. 

This course is for those seeking to unlock their Mastery. The material here is advanced and beyond 3D comprehension. You have 30 days to work at your own pace allowing for rest and integration. The manual includes practices that allow you to connect with Higher Beings, assisting in building up your trust in yourself and in the Universe.

Channeled from the Galactic Federation, and Beings for the Higher Angelic Realms. Includes videos, a gorgeous PDF manual and certificate.

Ready to accelerate your Ascension?!


The Agenda...

Section 1 - Cleansing


  • Why Love, Light & Fuck You

  • The Power of Fuck You

  • Fuck People Pleasing

  • It’s time to STAND OUT

  • Still allowing & resisting

  • What is still TRIGGERING you

  • Your Presence is a Privilege

  • What’s BULLSHIT & what’s LOVE & LIGHT


Section 2 - Mastery


  • Complete 5D Mastery

  • Unlocking the Keys & Codes

  • Higher Light Decrees

  • DNA Transformation

  • Altering Frequency like a Master

  • Co-creating the Golden Age


Section 3 - Ascended Master


  • Surrendering the Ego

  • Violet Flame Master

  • Mastery of Illusion

  • Invocation Mastery

  • Building your Bridge to Source

  • Now it’s up to You

So much love and light,

Elda xoxo

coming 2022