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Lemurian High Priestess
TRUTH Speaker

Galactics call me Elda

Welcome Dearest Ascension Master Family,


I AM a Lemurian High Priestess, an Atlantean Mage, Ascension expert, multidimensional channel, Master Healer, Master Teacher, and one of the oldest Advanced Starseeds on this planet who is here to help shift and lead humanity. I have the ability to fully speak and understand the language of light and frequency, which makes it really easy for me to understand all aspects of the human experience and the vessel.


The Galactic Federation of Light calls me Elda. Elda has many meanings, he who God has called, old and wise protector, a battle maiden, and of advanced age. I’ve managed to unlock memories and gifts from my time in the Cosmos and many lifetimes here on Earth, including Lemuria and Atlantis. 


Its been over 23 years since I consciously started my work in this lifetime.

I have come here to become an Ascended Master. This will be my last incarnation here on Earth, so I'm definitely not here to play games. I have been assigned (and accepted) the task of teaching Mastery to everyone who is willing and ready. I have THE MOST POWERFUL team working with me. Yes, the Galactic Federation is one of them. There are Archangels, Seraphim, Elohim, Dragons, Unicorns, Lords, etc.

My work reflects the magic that I created in Lemuria and Atlantis. All the content I create is designed to bring through exactly what Starseeds & Lightworkers need at a given time during this great time of Ascension. Containing powerful activations, light codes, unlocking memories from 5D times, unlocking magical gifts, Mastery, etc. 


So much love and light,

Elda xoxo