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Lemurian High Priestess

Advanced Starseed

Welcome Dearest Starseeds!


I’m a Lemurian High Priestess, channeler, Starseed coach & mentor, podcaster and one of the oldest Advanced Starseeds on this planet who is here to help shift and lead humanity. I’ve managed to unlock memories and gifts from my time in the Cosmos and my many lifetimes here on Earth, including Lemuria. If you are drawn to me, chances are you may be a Starseed. Now is a great time of awakening on this planet. Starseeds, we need you!


Its been over 22 years since I consciously started my work in this lifetime.

I work very closely with the Angelic Realm, Galactic Council of Light, Star Councils, etc. The ability to fully speak and understand the language of light and frequency, channel Galactic and Star Councils, communicate with the Lemurian's in Telos Inner Earth, bring through transmissions and DNA activations are some of my many Starseed gifts.


Abundance and blissful joy is our birth right. As a Blueprinter Designer Starseed, I know that we came here to experience a life full of unconditional love, joy, peace and abundance. The 3D Matrix is finally crumbling! We have entered the glorious Age of Light - 5D New Earth. However, everything still needs to shift and balance. This is where we come in. By raising our vibration as high as we can, we can propel this planet into pure bliss once again. Welcome to the Age of Light!


Many Blessings,


Michelle Weir

Starseed Coach & Mentor, Starseed Leader & Master Teacher

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Starseed Awakening Course

"I’ve just finished this amazing course. Michelle is very gifted and knowledgeable about everything Starseed! Everything resonates and has just the right amount of depth and substance without it being too overwhelming but having you want more. I’m already looking forward to the next course as I learn more about being a Starseed and carrying out what I’ve been put here to do. This is just the beginning! Love it!"


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