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​I realized at an early age that I have been blessed with powerful Divine gifts. Since then I’ve been working very closely with the Angelic Realm, Galactic Councils of Light, Star Councils, Goddess’ and Deities. The ability to smell energy and fully speak and understand the language of energy and frequency are some of my many Starseed powers. It’s been over 22 years since I consciously started my work in this lifetime.


I’m a Lemurian High Priestess who is here to help shift and lead humanity. If you are drawn to me, chances are you may be a Starseed. Now is a great time of awakening on this planet. Many Souls are seeking guidance. This is where I come in. Working with those who are Starseed awaken Souls is a purpose of mine. It fills me with great joy when I see how truly committed my beloved Starseeds are to their journey and understand that it is their responsibility to do the necessary work required to move forward.


Abundance and joy is our birth right. We came here to experience a life full of love and abundance. 3D programming is finally crumbling! Once we are mindful of the toxicity that we’ve downloaded, we can then begin our healing journey of deleting old belief systems and programming, toxic mindsets, need to control and be controlled, giving up our personal power, thinking we are not worthy and not enough. We are Evolved Starseed Souls having a Human Experience. If you are committed to creating an authentic, loving and abundant life on 5D New Earth, then this is for you.

Many Blessings,

Michelle Weir, The Bodhisattva

Lemurian High Priestess Healer, Channeler, Spiritual Awakening Coach, Spiritual Teacher & Starseed Leader.



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