Lemurian High Priestess

Advanced Starseed

Welcome Dearest Starseeds!


I’m a Lemurian High Priestess and one of the oldest Advanced Starseeds on this planet who is here to help shift and lead humanity. I’ve managed to unlock memories and gifts from my time in the Cosmos and my lifetimes here on Earth. If you are drawn to me, chances are you may be a Starseed. Now is a great time of awakening on this planet. Starseeds, we need you! Working with Awaken Starseed Souls is a large part of my purpose.


Its been over 22 years since I consciously started my work in this lifetime.

I work very closely with the Angelic Realm, Galactic Councils of Light, Star Councils, Goddess’ and Deities. The ability to smell energy and fully speak and understand the language of energy and frequency are some of my many Starseed abilities.


Abundance and joy is our birth right. We came here to experience a life full of love and abundance. 3D programming is finally crumbling! Once we are mindful of the toxicity that we’ve downloaded, we can then begin our healing journey of deleting old belief systems and programming, toxic mindsets, need to control and be controlled, giving up our personal power, thinking we are not worthy and not enough. We are Evolved Starseed Souls having a Human Experience. If you are committed to assisting humanity and creating an authentic, loving and abundant life on 5D New Earth, then this is for you.


Many Blessings,


Michelle Weir

Starseed Awakening Coach & Mentor, Channeler, Teacher & Starseed Leader



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"I’ve just finished this amazing course. Michelle is very gifted and knowledgeable about everything Starseed! Everything resonates and has just the right amount of depth and substance without it being too overwhelming but having you want more. I’m already looking forward to the next course as I learn more about being a Starseed and carrying out what I’ve been put here to do. This is just the beginning! Love it!"


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Sat, Nov 14
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Abundance - 7D Manifestation
Manifesting the 2021 you deserve! Release everything you know about money and abundance from the 3D world. Money, wealth and abundance is meant to be created from the heart space.

Dear Reader

The content of this book is something that is very dear to my heart. I personally use these declarations & affirmations in my day-to-day practice. 


Follow the guidance of your Highest Team of Light. They will guide you on how to use this content so that it benefits your Ascension to beautiful 5D New Earth.


Shine your Light as brightly as you can. We need you here to help humanity ascend. There is a reason why you are here and why you are reading this. I am so grateful for you. 


The path of Ascension is very exciting. We are so close to heaven on earth again. Key thing is, maintaining the state of unconditional peace within ourselves no matter what is happening in the collective.


Keep holding the vision and with your help, we will do this. The Light wins in the end.


Many blessings,


Michelle Weir



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